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Making music is introspective and slow, and it's about stillness. Whereas DJing is a mad dash to try and do a magic trick in some random country in front of a lot of strangers. I've finally, truly cut out time for production and it's glorious. It fills up the spiritual part that touring drains. I'm so happy at home in this studio and delighted with the music that's coming out of it. You're asked to make a lot of mixes. How do you choose what goes on them? Context usually drives the mix. Perhaps I've been asked to emphasize new works and so I will find the absolute newest and best material.

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What exactly happened on that day? The attack, at the five-star โรงแรม monkey ขอนแก่น Riu Imperial Marhaba, near Sousse, was the deadliest on Britons since the 7 July 2005 London bombings. Mr Greeves, who had been on holiday with his wife, said in the statement read out by a lawyer that he had seen Rezgui kill a person on a sun lounger with a single shot "like an execution". He said Rezgui "appeared very calm and looked like he knew exactly what he was doing". He added: "My only thought was to get to my wife. I had no other thoughts." Media captionTunisia inquest shown police map of killer's spree The hearing, being held at London's Royal Courts of Justice, briefly paused as Mr Greeves began to get upset. He said he initially thought the gunshots were firecrackers: "I don't know the number of shots but it was a hell of a lot." The inquests, which began on 16 January, have so far questioned whether the UK Foreign Office and travel company TUI did enough to protect British holidaymakers in Tunisia. 'I assumed we would be safe' Mark Hornby, who booked a last-minute holiday at his local Thomson shop, told the court that his travel agent did not say Tunisia was a terror risk. "I assumed we would be safe," he said in a statement read out on his behalf.